Installing on WCOSS

If you have access to the NOAA WCOSS machines you can create your own python environments very easily using intel-python.:

module load ips/

Then it is suggested to create a .condarc file that lives in your $HOME folder to point to a location that will house your conda environments. Below is a sample .condarc file.:

  - intel
  - conda-forge
  - defaults
  - /gpfs/dell2/emc/verification/noscrub/User.Name/conda/envs
  - /gpfs/dell2/emc/verification/noscrub/User.Name/conda/pkgs

Next you should start a new environment by cloning the default environment to a new name. This can be done in a single command.:

conda create -n myenv --clone="/usrx/local/prod/intel/2019UP05/intelpython3"

A prompt should come up and tell you to activate the environment you just created, myenv.:

source activate myenv

From here you can install any package the same way you could on regular anaconda installations.:

conda install -c conda-forge monetio