Model and ObservatioN Evaluation Toolkit (MONET) Input Output (IO)

MONETIO is an open source project and Python package that aims to create a common platform for atmospheric composition data for weather and air quality models.

MONET was developed to evaluate the Community Multiscale Air Quality Model (CMAQ) for the NOAA National Air Quality Forecast Capability (NAQFC) modeling system. From MONET version 2.1.4, MONETIO was broken off from MONET to be its own dedicated repository. MONETIO is built to work in unison with MONET. For more information on MONET please refer to

Our goals is to provide easy tools to retrieve and read atmospheric composition data in order to speed scientific research. Currently, MONETIO is able to process several models and observations related to air composition and meteorology.

If you use MONETIO please reference the package.


Baker, Barry; Pan, Li. 2017. “Overview of the Model and Observation Evaluation Toolkit (MONET) Version 1.0 for Evaluating Atmospheric Transport Models.” Atmosphere 8, no. 11: 210

What’s New

MONETIO v0.1 has been released. MONETIO has been split off from MONET to be able to create a more focused repository for the I/O of models and observational data.

Features include:

  • fixes to observational datasets including Airnow, AQS, Aeronet, and ISH

  • New ICARTT reader developed to read into Xarray.Dataset

  • OpenAQ reader to read directly from the OpenAQ Amazon S3 server

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